8 of the Best Google Authenticator Alternatives

Google Authenticator is widely considered the best option for generating two-step verification codes. However, due to limited updates and missing features, many of its users are looking for an alternative. Let’s take a look at some of the best Google authenticator alternatives for securing your online accounts. 1. Lastpass Authenticator (Android / iOS) Separate from …

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How to lock your Facebook profile? Everything You need to know.

Concerned about the privacy of your Facebook profile. This new feature called ‘Facebook Profile Lock’ has been presented to shield individuals’ security from complete outsiders on the online media website. Facebook had as of late dispatched an element which permitted its clients in India to bolt their profile totally with the goal that lone individuals …

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How to Receive Files From Anyone in your Google Drive

A school teacher needs a public drop box (not the Dropbox) where students can submit assignments for homework. A designer can need a public drop box, where customers can easily upload pictures. A recruiter wants an online form where applicants for jobs can upload their resumes. Google Forms would have been a perfect solution here …

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How to Use Mobile Data Internet Even In Airplane Mode ?

Do you know how to use your mobile Internet when flight / airplane mode is on the screen? It prevents the user from making or receiving any callswhen one’s phone is in flight mode, while also preventing the user from using the internet. Because internet is now a simple necessity, however, we ‘re going to tell you how to use it on your phone even when the latter is in flight / airplane mode. First the user must dial a number using their mobile phone. After turning on a particular setting, they may then use the internet. Check out the steps given below: How to Use Mobile Data Internet Even In Airplane Mode ? First, switch to the flight mode setting on your android mobile phone. After this, …

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How to make Money Blogging Without Google Adsense

So the problem is how to blogg without Adsense to make money? You’ll learn how to make money blogging in any easy way here positively. When I began blogging, Google Adsense was for me the only known way to monetize the site. At the time, it wasn’t that hard to get Adsense accepted as it is now. I got my Subdomain Site Adsense approval. Later I switched to the self-hosted WordPress site and became more serious about blogging. I soon realized Adsense doesn’t generate a lot of earnings for me. I began to search for a new monetization. Adsense remains the strongest network for bloggers to advertise. But considering it as the only way to make money blogging would be an exaggeration. Warren Buffet said, “Do not put all eggs in one basket,” which means that they are not reliant on one source of revenue. What if it bans your Adsense account. And if you don’t get approval from Adsense, or you’ve been blocked or Adsense isn’t working for you, read on. In this post I’ll share 5 best ways without AdSense to monetize your blog. Making Money Without Google Adsense Being Your Only Source. 1.Affiliate Marketing. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Affiliate marketing is the practice of commissioning by selling the goods from other individuals. The idea is to pick a product you like, and start promoting the product on your blog. If anyone purchases the product through your affiliate connection, you are going to get the commission.  You may think you’ll have to do PPC marketing or create a massive email list when it comes to getting competitive in affiliate marketing. But, if you have a blog with decent readers, you won’t have to. Only pick the right things and get them promoted on your blog. It needs time for the affiliate marketing. If somebody says he’ll make you multi-millionaire overnight, he’s lying to your face. There are many courses claiming to make you multi-millionaire, asking you to buy their products. For the most part, those are scams. You need to work hard to get good in affiliate marketing. ShareASale is an Affiliate Network which thousands of bloggers use. 2. Try New Programs, Adsense is not the only program you can earn from There is no alternative to REAL Adsense, to be honest with you. Adsense is still the best ad network with the quality of Ads, the highest CTR rate and recurring income. Yet bloggers have other Advertising networks instead of AdSense. Using those networks will bring some decent revenue. Here’s a list of several high paying alternatives to Adsense. Media.net Bidvertiser Adversal I ‘d recommend you do some tests to see what’s going for you. Because the things that work for me may not work for you and what works for you, may not work for me. Media.net is one of the best blogger choices on AdSense. 3. Prefer Direct Advertising instead of Using Thirparty websites. Direct advertising is a great way of monetizing your blog. The great thing about direct advertising is, you would be leaving out the third party. And you’re going to get full control of your ads like where and how they’re going to be shown. But if you’ve just created a new blog for WordPress, it might not work for you direct ads. You ‘re going to have to generate good traffic to your blog to attract advertisers. Build a ‘Advertise’ page with Blog stats information, Audience profile, Advertisement options etc. To get some idea you can check out our Advertise page.To track your ads using OIO Publisher plugin. Visit other niche related blogs and test who is advertising on those sites. Seek to get in touch with such adverts. Join DigitalPoint fora to locate advertisers. OIOPublisher plugin helps you maximize your revenue and keep your ad space in full control. …

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