Tips on How to sideload Apps on Google TV

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Key Takeaways

  • Google TV devices can run Android TV apps, however non-TV apps must be manually installed.
  • Sideloading on Google TV is simple; simply use the “Send Files to TV” app to transfer APKs.
  • Not all apps may run well on Google TV, thus testing is required after sideloading.

Google TV devices (including the Chromecast with Google TV) have access to applications and games built for Android TV. However, applications that haven’t been expressly created for TVs won’t show up in the Play Store on your TV. You’ll just have to download them from someplace else and sideload them. We’ll show you how.

Sideloading is the act of installing an app from outside the Play Store. Rather than the Play Store managing the download and installation procedure, you’ll have to do it manually—but Android still handles most of the work free. Sideloading on Google TV is a little different than on Android TV, but still incredibly straightforward owing to a useful software.

How to Send Apps to Google TV From Your Phone.

Before we can conduct any sideloading, you’ll need to download an APK of the program you’d like to install on your Google TV. This is much, much easier to perform on your Android phone than the TV itself. APK Mirror is a reliable site for downloading programs, and you won’t be pirating. If you research a bit you will be able find other trusted sites like APK Mirror where you can download apk files of apps. Visit the website, locate the program you want, and download the APK file (not “app bundle”) to your phone.

Now comes the toughest part of the whole process—getting the APK from your phone to the TV. The best method to do this is via an aptly titled program called “Send Files to TV.” You’ll need to install the app on your TV and Android phone.

Now, launch the app on your TV and permit it to view media. Then, go to the main screen and click “Receive.”

Launch the app on your Android phone and let it access media. Pick “Send” this time.

After locating the APK file you already downloaded, choose your Google TV device to deliver it.

From your phone to a Google TV or Android TV device, this same approach makes moving files—not just apps—quickly simple. Downloading the APK via a browser on the TV or tinkering with cloud storage programs is even more difficult.

We can now sideload the APK file from Google TV straight away once we get it. Choose the file when the transfer ends (it will indicate “Succeeded”).

Select “Open” off the “Choose Action” menu.

Eventually, choose ” Install.” You could be asked to let the app install programs from untested sources.

Choose “Open” or “Done” after the APK has completed installing.

That’s all that exists here. Right now, your Google TV gadget shows the app.

One thing to keep in mind is not every app and game will operate on Google TV. While some might be totally destroyed, others would be difficult to operate with a remote. You will only have to try and see. For Android devices—especially those without the Play Store—sideloading is a rather useful capability. You can sideload applications on Fire tablets also even on Amazon Fire TV.