Whatsapp New “Imagine Me” feature leaked. Create Ai stickers of yourself.


WhatsApp is reportedly working on an intriguing feature called “Imagine Me.” This feature aims to let users create AI-generated images of themselves. Here’s what we know so far:

  1. AI Image Generator Within WhatsApp:
    • WhatsApp is building an AI image generator that goes beyond typical AI-generated content.
    • Unlike generic AI image generators, this feature will create personalized images resembling your likeness.
    • To use it, you’ll upload reference selfies to Meta AI for analysis.
  2. How It Works:
    • Once you opt into the feature, the Meta AI chatbot will generate new images of you in various environments (e.g., a forest or outer space).
    • Essentially, it’s like having a personalized AI artist right in WhatsApp.
  3. Use Cases:
    • While the use cases are limited, you can use these generated images as stickers within WhatsApp chats.
    • Imagine sending a sticker of yourself hiking in the mountains or exploring the cosmos!
  4. Availability:
    • Meta AI within WhatsApp has started rolling out in select regions, including the US and India.
    • Look for a new blue icon on the main chat list screen to see if you have access.
    • Keep in mind that the chatbot’s rollout is ongoing.
  5. Monetization and User Base:
    • It’s unclear if Meta plans to monetize this feature, but it could be an attempt to build a loyal user base.
    • AI-generated photos might be just the beginning.

Remember, this feature is still under development, so stay tuned for official announcements! 🚀12

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