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Top Solutions online to make your existing dumb Curtain Smart and Automatic - TheWiseGeek.com

Top Solutions online to make your existing dumb Curtain Smart and Automatic

So if you have been wondering for sometime about how to make your dumb curtain smart that too at an affordable price then you have come to the right place. Read on.

It is very interesting how the whole IOT or internet of things and smart home/home automation movement is shaping up in our the world today. To automate your home is becoming easier day by day and thecredit goes to some nifty entrepreneurs/startups which are cropping up.

Here we are going to see two of those companies/startups/kickstarter/indiegogo projects offering solutions to this dream of automating your curtains which makes this exclusively luxury feature to any average human anywhere on the face of this earth. Also as we love these startups which are changing the world and making the world a better place to live one project/smart gadget at a time we have on our blog a section which is dedicated to these awesome startups.

So cutting to the chase and coming to the point.

SwitchBot Curtain.

Now SwicthBot has been there for some time and has launched a group of products which make your life easier by automating buttons, appliances, and you can check all of them here.

Now coming back to SwitchBot curtain. It is a very cool product which can automate your average curtain and fits well with all kinds of curtain rods/curtains available and commonly used in the households.

Check out this video explaining how it works in detail.

SwicthBot Curtain Video.

To checkout SwitchBot Indiegogo Page and to back the project as well as Order SwitchBot Pls go here.

This is one of the only truly wireless solution to automate your curtains without any hassle at all.

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