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8 Top Best Anonymous File Sharing Sites - TheWiseGeek.com
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8 Top Best Anonymous File Sharing Sites

In a world where everything has been monitored and privacy has become a mere term, anonymity is the best choice to opt for. Let them watch your actions if they want to. Don’t just let them know he’s you. Well, file sharing is one of those places where complete anonymity can be obtained. There are several websites and software available online that can help you anonymously share files with others.

Not only will the websites listed below allow you to share files anonymously but also allow you to encrypt them and make them accessible to others for a limited period of time. Hidden files, holiday images , videos and other fleeting items that don’t need to remain on the internet for a long period of time, all fall into this group. Let’s take a look at some of the best anonymous file websites you can use

1. Tiny Upload

As the name goes Tiny Upload allows you to upload and share small size files with others anonymously. You can upload a 50 MB max file but there is a catch here. The platform allows you to upload unlimited files, and even store them on their servers for ever. So, if you’re searching for an anonymous file sharing service that doesn’t enforce time limits, the service to go for is tiny upload.

The process of uploading here is quick. Select the file you want to upload, and click the upload button. A new window will popup displaying how much time is left for uploading the file. A notification will pop up ‘File upload done’ upon positive upload. Do not close the window that pops up during upload, it fails to upload.

There is, however, one limitation you need to learn about. When the file has been downloaded for over 100 days then it will automatically be deleted from the servers. After that everything is infinite. Their servers are highly designed to accommodate small files, resulting in higher download speed compared to other servers.

2. Firefox Send

Firefoxsend is a Firefox web project that lets you anonymously upload the file without tracking who you are. You can upload a 1 GB max size file and it’ll only be usable for 24 hours. After the upload is that the download connection will be created and you can then share the link with others.The link is encrypted, but it doesn’t encrypt the file in case you are wondering about the file. Before uploading the file you’ll need to encrypt it.

Whenever you want, you can delete the connection and the file by clicking Delete File. The file will be inaccessible immediately, if you do so. Returning to the home page will show you a list of all uploads of your file, and what time is left to expire. No cookies or sessions are created to store all of your data and show the management of those links. All the data are stored in your local storage.

The web app is open source and can be found at GitHub.

3. Zippy Share

ZippyShare is another anonymous file sharing website which has no time-limit. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 200Mb, which will be removed after 30 days of inactivity (i.e. if not downloaded after 30 days). You get unlimited space on your disk, so there is no limit on how many files you can upload.No file access cap, either. Further up, like most websites, the upload needs no sign-up. However, a user account is required on the site for better file management.

You can upload the file directly to the website, or upload it manually via the HTML uploader. Make sure you check the ‘Set as Private Upload’ checkbox to ensure that there are no cookies or sessions. Click Start Upload after this and the upload should start. After successful upload the download links will be created.

Zippyshare gives its users a greater value by automatically generating links to Forums, HTML, Alt. HTML, Name Link and even embed HTML links. If you’re looking forward to creating an account on the site, you’ll get access to live stats for your links and more configuration options.

There’s one disadvantage I found on this site for anonymous file sharing is that you can’t remove the uploaded file from their servers manually. You will be required to set up an account on the web to delete the file. Besides, it’s quick, reliable and secure. There’s even a website software version you can download if you’re interested in that.

4. Send Space

SendSpace is more of a networking platform for file sharing, and more feature-rich. And you can also exchange files with others anonymously. Max file size is 300 Mb, and the number of uploads is unlimited. You can instantly upload files, and the site will create download links for the same.

It provides a strong user interface where you can even submit the file over an Email to set a definition. It creates links in all forms including forums and HTML embedding, after positive upload. It also provides a delete connection on confirmation which will remove the file.

You can also build an account for file management where you can access and customize all of your files. It offers some extra support for the users who have signed up that includes no restriction on file upload size and a personalized download page. There is, however, a downside that I would like to mention, which is that the site stores cookies on your PC and keeps track of the guest user (you) who visited their sitting.

5. File.io

File.io can be called a file sharing snapchat, the difference is that File.io can keep you private and your file protected. Much like Snapchat, it will delete your file once it’s downloaded. That makes your file super secure indeed. The limit on file size is 5 GB, and it allows 100 uploads per day which is great.

To upload a file simply click the Upload button, select the file and start uploading. You will create the download link which you can share with the person you want to download. Keep in mind that once it is downloaded the file will be deleted. No file logs or backups on site servers are kept of the file.

You may use their API to set up your own file upload and download service, if you are a developer. If you are not a developer, you can still set up the download connection behavior. Use the link to set an expiry date. If the link is not downloaded within the period then it will automatically be deleted.

Head over to resttest.com and set to https:/file.io/ the endpoint field? Exps=1w. You can set the expiry time accordingly: 1y = 1 year, 1h = 1 hour, 2 h = 2 hours. Set the method to POST, name of the parameter to File and upload the file under Parameter value. Click on Ajax request and you will see JSON data in the panel on the right. The download link should be found under the the key “link”.

Click on the Add Parameter and Add File buttons to generate multiple download link. Check out their FAQ section for more information.

6. Ge.tt

Ge.tt is among the list’s most user-friendly anonymous file-sharing sites. Comparatively, it provides more details and has an anonymous user with all the required option. The max file size for uploading is 250 MB, and the same applies to server storage. The file gets deleted automatically after 30 days of upload. The user can share the link, and even remove the server file whenever necessary.

It provides the anonymous users with a good amount of file storage details. The number of files uploaded, server storage left in percentage and how many times the link was downloaded and other details are available on the page. If you like the service, you can also build a free account that will give you an additional 2 gb of storage and the file will stay on the server for a longer period of time;Unless your account is turned inactive. For Premium users there are even more options available.

7. File Dropper

FileDropper is one of the simplest websites on the list whose main purpose is to share files for its users in anonymous way. Just upload the file, and generate the connection. An embedded link is also generated that allows users to embed the link to other sites for downloading. You can upload a file of max size 5 GB to your server and no details have been mentioned regarding the time limit on there site. They also provide login options that give the file management and other premium functionality only.

8. Upload Anonymous File With Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox also provides anonymous sharing of files but in a different way. It has a service called ‘File Request’ which allows other (anonymous) known or unknown users to upload files to the directory you set in the ‘File Request’ form. Click on ‘Create a File Request’ to create such directory on your Dropbox, and give the directory a name. A link is established that you can share with people want to upload.

Also anonymous users who have access to the URL can upload it to this directory. Uploading assignments for students, sending mock-ups to designers and uploading photos for your friends can be helpful. There is a similar option on Google Drive. You can use the Google forms and let others upload their files to the directory you mentioned. For more details about anonymous sharing of data using Google Drive Here.

To Conclude

It is best to use anonymous file sharing sites when sharing links on forums, discussion boards, social media and other such online destinations where you want to share the file while hiding your identity at once. In addition, these file sharing sites also provide a way to auto-delete files after a certain time period.

It is not sensible to share temporary files using cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. They will stay there for ever until you uninstall them manually. Also, if you want to exchange confidential files, all of the above sites can provide encryption to keep your file in the wrong hands.

So, these were some of the best anonymous file sharing sites you can use to privately send file without disclosing your identity. If you happen to know about any other such sites, mention them in the comments.

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