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How To Download Large Telegram Files With A Download ManagerLike IDM. - TheWiseGeek.com

How To Download Large Telegram Files With A Download ManagerLike IDM.

How to Download Large telegram Files in IDM
Download large Telegram files with a download manager. Pic by Freepic.

So if you are wondering how to download those big large files shared on various telegram channels with a download manager like IDM or on the popular download managers, then you have reached the right place on the internet.

Telegram is a cloud- based, nonprofit, instant messaging service. Ios, iOS, Windows Desktop, Windows NT, macOS , and Linux client telegram apps exist. Users can send messages, and exchange any form of images , videos, stickers, audio, and files. Telegram does not access files very easily, and has little support for resume compared to using a download manager such as IDM. Follow the steps below to access telegram files using a Download Manager.

STEP 1 : Go to web.telegram.org for accessing telegram in the browser and desktop.telegram.org if you want to download the desktop app for Windows pc, the latter is recommended if it is your regular pc.

STEP 2 : Enter the mobile number that you already use with the telegram app on your phone into the number box.

STEP 3 : Click Next, open the Telegram App on your phone and enter the pin that you been sent into the Telegram Web App .

STEP 4 : Type “getpubliclink_bot” or “getpubliclinkbot” without quotes into the global search bar and click Get Public Link Bot. ( There are multiple of these bots now, just search getpubliclinkbot and you will find many.)

STEP 6 : Go to the channel or group that has the file you want to download and forward it to the Get Public Link Bot.

STEP 7 : Click the Instant Download button or resumable link or save to Gdrive button and click Ok in the next window.

STEP 8 : Your download manager will capture the link and start the download, or it will be added to your google drive and you can view/ share / download from there.

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