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Google AdSense Alternatives – Monetize a Blog Without AdSense - TheWiseGeek.com

Google AdSense Alternatives – Monetize a Blog Without AdSense

Are you looking for an alternative from Google Adsense ? Well its always good to not keep all egss in one basket. So we bring you the top alternatives to monetize your blog apart from Google Adsense. Read Along.

In a previous post we explained how to use AdSense to monetize a blog. We also explained how easy it is to lose your AdSense account. So what if Google fails to approve your site for AdSense, if it has disabled your account or if you prefer not to use AdSense at all? What are the alternative advertising networks that share their revenue with publishers, and what other ways are available to you to make money from a blog? Here are our top 5 suggestions that you can use as AdSense alternatives.

You should remember that Google AdSense is special in the manner it distributes PPC adverts on your site. It utilizes a licensed relevant examination calculation to set up the substance on every individual page or blog entry. It at that point places important adverts into the clear advertisement units you have chosen. Most options to AdSense can’t utilize this innovation, so the manner in which adverts are picked is marginally extraordinary.

You ought to likewise know about the way that none of these options will get you as much cash-flow as AdSense can, in light of the fact that Google is one of a kind in offering you as much as 68% of the offer cost for an advert utilizing explicit catchphrase – with one special case that we will examine later.

While our best 5 might be second best, you would not be thinking about them except if there was a purpose behind you either not having any desire to or being not able to utilize AdSense. These AdSense options permit you to bring in cash by distributing adverts on your site with almost no exertion – it is remaining salary that includes next to no take a shot at your part.


Bidvertiser is a practical option to AdSense, in spite of the fact that it can require a long time to find a good pace to essentially adapt a blog. That is on the grounds that it works by methods for an offering framework that empowers the most elevated offering publicist to put promotions on your site, and it sets aside effort for them to discover you. The more legitimate your site or blog, at that point the more lucrative PPC promotions you will have the option to appear. You get followed through on an extent of the offer cost at whatever point an advertisement is clicked.

Advertisement Categories:

The adverts themselves are fundamentally the same as AdSense, and you can modify them to suit the appearance of your site. You can utilize pennants, high rises and advertisement units in accordance with your content.


Just like Bivertiser, Chitika enables you to make money by posting ads on your web pages or blog. This has been a popular means of making money from a blog or website for many years, and many people prefer it to AdSense because of its advertising options.

Many people find Chitika useful for generating a reasonable income. However, others may find that their readers react badly to this type of advertising, which can interfere with their reading experience. This is a different way of advertising from the type of visible text or image ads that AdSense and Bidvertiser provide, and some claim that it works better on blogs that static websites.

The fact that many review sites judge Chitika to be the #1 competitor to AdSense indicates how easy some find to use it generate income. Other sites go for Bidvertiser, but there are alternatives to these that might suit your blog better.

Advertisement Categories:

Chitika linx: A promoting framework that naturally distinguishes significant catchphrases on your page, and afterward interfaces these to pertinent adverts. The connected watchwords are distinguished by a twofold underline. On the off chance that your website page or blog entry is essentially message, at that point this may be your best alternative.

Hover Ads: These are adverts that drift on the base right of the guest’s screen. They stay there as the peruser looks down your page. They are obvious on all gadgets including mobiles.

Highlight Ads: In the event that a guest to your site features message on your page in any capacity whatsoever, they will see an advert dependent on the watchwords featured. These adverts are just noticeable while the content remains featured.

Referrals:  This is an extra method to bring in cash. Chitika offers you 10% of the pay of new distributers you convince to join. This is dynamic for 9 months from them joining, and you are given a choice of promoting standards.


Media.net and Bing have worked together to make a contender to AdSense, however they don’t concede this is the thing that it is. It is in a general sense an association whereby Bing offers the relevant investigation of website pages and blog entries, and web based publicizing organization, Media.net, gives the adverts identifying with the substance of explicit pages.

Advertisement Categories:

Advertisement units are accessible that offer adverts straightforwardly identified with the substance of your site page or blog entry. Much the same as AdSense, you get followed through on an extent of the PPC cost for that advert on Bing. It can likewise be utilized on cell phones, for example, cell phones and tablets. There are three essential kinds of advert design accessible:

  • Content advertisements are identified with the substance of the page, and are accessible in a scope of measurements. This sort of advert is like those of AdSense.
  • A web bar, which drifts at the base of the screen to stay over the overlap. This has all the earmarks of being malicious and we don’t suggest you use it, and
  • Search focusing on advertisements, where the advert is demonstrated distinctly to web index clients and is applicable to the substance of the website page recorded. These can pay well as indicated by the specialty, albeit for the most part, the substance promotions pay best.


Infolinks look out watchwords in your page or post and changes over them to joins hyperlinked to adverts identified with that catchphrase. You have likely observed website pages where certain words show up in blue or with blue underscores. These are characteristic of this sort of publicizing, however not really all Infolinks (some might be Chitika or different advertisements.) Other promoting frameworks utilize this method, yet Infolinks is route or more the best for money in our view.

Advertisement Categories:

Intext: the program looks for catchphrases, and when a guest drifts over it an air pocket advertisement shows up. You get paid per see and per click.

InFold: Infolinks examines the inquiry term utilized by your guests, and makes a spring up advertisement at the base of the noticeable screen (the overlap.) The peruser can decide to click (when you get paid) or it limits following a couple of moments to a feature.

InFrame: Some enormous screens demonstrate void area to each side of your blog. On the off chance that the program distinguishes this, it occupies this space with ads. You get paid each time a tick is made.


Clicksor is a decent option to AdSense, offering 70% and up to 85% of the snap cost. It is less severe than Google in its TOS, and you are less likely to have your account suspended than you are with AdSense.

Advertisement Categories:

  • Inline Text Links
  • Banners
  • Pop unders
  • Flash Adverts
  • Image Adverts
  • Animations
  • Interstitial Ads (NEW)
  • Dynamic (DHTML) highlighting

Interstitial promotions are presented to guests to 5 seconds on a different window committed to a page gave by a publicist. It at that point vanishes, and the peruser can continue perusing the content on the page.

As indicated by the TOS of Clicksor, you can put only one advert for every page, in spite of the fact that on the off chance that you pick a spring up or DHTML float advertisement, at that point you can put much more. Clicksor is one of only a handful few PPC advertisement programs ready to put logical promotions on your pages in much equivalent to AdSense does. It can utilize the semantics on your page to set up its fundamental subject, and give adverts that identify with that topic.

In that regard, Clicksor is fundamentally the same as AdSense, and your active visitor clicking percentage with Clicksor ought to be higher than that with other publicizing programs referenced here. You have no compelling reason to list the watchwords identifying with your website pages, in light of the fact that these will be set up by Clicksor’s logical calculation.

Multivariate Split testing of Google Adsense Alternatives :

A lot of your prosperity with these alternatives will rely on the idea of your site or blog and the nature of its substance. The more legitimate locales in any specialty will in general get most traffic, and any type of on-page publicizing depends on traffic. Nonetheless, you can test the value of each of these on your own blog by split-testing.

Maybe you could utilize one of the above projects on one page of your blog or site and another on another page. Investigate the individual livelihoods from each as a level of the traffic to each page. You could run Clicksor for two months and afterward Bidvertiser for two months on the same wavelength. There are numerous approaches to utilize split-testing to build up:

  • The best AdSense elective for your site
  • The best organization of promoting for you (content advertisements, standards, float promotions, and so forth)
  • The best configuration of promotions (shading and content size)
  • The best situation of such advertisements.

It can require some investment to complete every one of these tests, yet it will be beneficial. Never roll out two improvements simultaneously on any page or you will never realize which was the one that worked. At last, you will have the option to set up the best of these choices for your blog, and the best kind of advert. At that point you will get as much cash-flow as possible from your AdSense elective. Adapting a blog without AdSense isn’t simple yet it very well may be finished with bit of work.

Other Ways to Monetizing

There are different choices to PPC in the event that you can’t run AdSense on your blog. You may feel that on the off chance that you can’t utilize that, at that point you will search out some different approaches to adapt a blog. Two of these are:

Associate Marketing: This is the place you sell items having a place with others for a commission. Numerous individuals get by doing this, and there are numerous ways to deal with subsidiary advertising you can utilize. Look at our post Affiliate Marketing versus AdSense for more data on this.

CPA Marketing: CPA is short for ‘Snap per ‘Activity’, where you place adverts on your blog and you get paid if a guest makes a specific move well beyond tapping on the connection. Such activities could be offering an email address for future contact, giving full contact subtleties or in any event, clicking to acknowledge a free example. Discover more insights regarding CPA on out blog entry CPA Marketing.

Numerous individuals bring in cash utilizing these methods, however they include more collaboration from your perusers than simply tapping on a connection. All things considered, they merit contemplating as elective methods of adapting your blog or site.

Summary of Monetizing Your Blog Without Google Adsense

These are our top 5 Google AdSense alternatives. Like any alternatives to AdSense they tend not to pay as much, but if you have been refused an account, or your account has been disabled, these are our picks as the best. Like any other way of monetizing a blog, you have to work at it. CPA and affiliate marketing are viable alternatives but tend to require more personal involvement than simply putting up some PPC ads as an alternative to AdSense.

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