Types of Room heaters and Top Room Heaters to buy in India this winter Dec/Jan 2019

This time winter in many parts of North India has broken the record of last 22 years, even otherwise it becomes biting cold in most of North India The temperature falls down below 5 degree Celsius in most of north India and goes to sub zero levels as you move towards the hills.  Warm clothes or quilts may not be sufficient to handle such harsh weather.

In this scenario one of the Top 5 Best Room Heater is the perfect solution to keep yourself warm and away from biting winters. These room heaters can maintain a comfortable temperature and warmth inside the room even during harsh months of winters.

Various models of room heaters are available in Indian market.  Some comprehensive points are mentioned below for your easy choice.

Type Of Room Heaters: There two types of room heaters with different heating technologies to heat available in India. Convection Heaters and Radiant heaters.  The convection heaters are the most common form of room heaters available in the market and also popular with people in India for many reasons which we will discuss later in the article.  For smaller spaces you can use Convection Heaters but for Bigger spaces. The fan heater or Blower and oil-filled heaters use convection technology, Infrared Room Heaters are Radiant Heaters.

Now how to chose the room heater for the size of your room. So the simple answer is that as per thumb rule per 10w o power of room heater can heat sq/ft of room area. So you can calculate accordingly.

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